Get Involved

How To Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to join and attend our meetings to learn more about what we do. We enjoy helping individuals of all skill levels develop the same passion for aeronautics that we have.
To get into contact with our team or keep up with announcements, it’s recommended you join our slack and hop into the room that matches the disciplines which interest you.


Aeronautical Engineering

Closely affiliated with the organization’s mechanical division, the aeronautical team is primarily concerned with the design, manufacture, and assembly of the system airframe. Internal structuring and logistical integration of payload subsystems are fundamental focuses. From computational fluid dynamics and airfoil analysis, to SolidWorks CAD, composite layups, and component machining, the aeronautical team ensures the UAS is capable of its aerial requirements. As such, flight testing, in-field adjustment, and post-operation maintenance/repair are supplementary concerns.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering component of the team involves the development of all dedicated mechanical systems needed to support the UAV. These projects involve the antenna tracker, which rotates an antenna to always point at the plane and maintain high quality communications and the camera gimbal, which ensures that an on-board camera can be oriented in any desired position regardless of the orientation of the aircraft.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical team designs and builds the electrical circuits which control and interface all of AEROs systems. We get to fully design some of our systems such as the Camera Gimbal and Antenna Tracker. We also provide interfaces for systems that are too complex for us to design, for now, such as the Autopilot Carrier and Radio Carrier Boards.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 1:30pm

Embedded Systems

Members work closely with the Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering students to develop the integrated systems required both in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and the ground control station (GCS). Members get the opportunity to design, prototype, fabricate and test various electrical control hardware components, and work with the software team to program the software for their operation.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 1:30pm

Software Engineering

The goal of the competitions is to make the aircraft as autonomous as possible, so a comprehensive autopilot system is necessary. The software has to deal with sensor input, such as reading GPS receivers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to adjust the course of the plane, and processing images to pick out targets of interest. Finally, the software is responsible for coordinating all other elements of the plane and interaction with the ground control station (GCS). This information is used by the flight team to analyze targets, survey images and mission details.

Meetings: Wednesday @ 5:00pm