Our Team

Regan Scott

Chief Engineer

Regan is a third-year mechanical engineering student in his second year with the AERO Club. Interested in aviation his whole life, he has always been interested in planes, both remote and full size. When not working on AERO, he is out backpacking, climbing, and looking for rocks around Vancouver Island. Regan hopes to keep AERO a welcoming environment that all students feel that they can develop their skills.

Lucas Spak-Walsworth


Lucas is a 2nd year mechanical engineering student. As the Aero-surfaces lead Lucas leads the development of the critical surfaces of the aircraft. He is also heavily involved with the wing design and uses XFLR5 and CFD to simulate many wing designs and maximize their performance. Outside of AERO Lucas sails dinghies recreationally. Lucas aims to foster interest in aerospace engineering and fluid dynamics through his involvement in UVic AERO.

Asher Barnsdale

Structures LEAD

Asher is a third-year mechanical engineering student. As Structures Lead, he heads development of the aircraft’s airframe, with a focus on the fuselage and undercarriage. Experienced with truss and semi-monocoque designs, Asher uses SolidWorks and Fusion360 to model airframes that optimize strength and weight. Outside of AERO, Asher is an avid climber and adventure seeker.

Wil Fehr


Wil is a second year computer engineering student. This is his first year in the AERO Club. Wil is currently interested in embedded systems and the technology surrounding autonomous flight. Outside of Aero, Wil enjoys participating in Improv, being in the standing nation drum group, as well playing board games with friends

Moyo Adeoye

Propulsion Lead

Moyo is a 3rd year mechanical engineering student whose hobbies include football (soccer), video games and playing the guitar. He is interested in the automotive and EV industries. 

Zane Snizek-Libson


Zane is a 2nd year mechanical engineering student who enjoys learning everything about everything. When he is not learning, Zane spends his time wood carving, scraping electronics, building models and tools, and reading.

Sydney Porter


Sydney, a first year student and private pilot with float and glider ratings, leads our club’s finances as the Director of finance. Beyond aviation, Sydney enjoys paragliding, baking, and anything ocean related.

Dr. Afzal Suleman

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Afzal Suleman is a professor in the department of mechanical engineering. He has extensive experience in the aerospace field and is currently an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has been advising and mentoring the UVic AERO team since its inception at the University of Victoria in 2002.