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We are a group of engineering students that design, build and test Unmanned Aerial Systems.
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We Won!
On May 8th, 2018, we secured first place out of 14 Universities across Canada competing in Unmanned Systems Canada's annual student UAV competition.

What We Do

UVic AERO is a group of students that design, build and test Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). A UAS is a system comprised of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a ground control station, and a system that communicates between the two. AERO competes annually in the Aerial Evolution Canada Student competition against other Canadian Universities.

AERO’s ultimate goal is to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience working in the fast-growing industry of aerial robotics. Members learn to apply practical skills as they design and create software, circuit boards, mechanical devices, and airframes, all while working in a large team of students across many different disciplines


UVic AERO competes in an annual competition for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), run by Unmanned Systems Canada. In the past, these competitions were tailored to applications within the agricultural, oil & gas, mining, and law enforcement industries. The competition pushes the team to design and fabricate many complex systems, integrate them into one UAV, and test the system in a relatively short period of time. This time-intensive process forces the team to learn and apply new knowledge to real world problems. 


UVic AERO is run by a team of passionate students who dedicate their time to improving the field of aeronautical research and the community that they live in. AERO’s main objectives are:

Community Engagement

Engaging the community in ways that help facilitate the growth of knowledge and interest in the fields of engineering and aeronautics.

Student Growth

Provide university students with a chance to combine the theory they learn in class with real-world problems to further develop their skills. Students from all disciplines are welcome!

National Competition

Compete in an annual UAS competition that judges based on design and performance.